Hana, HI

We woke before the sun to be sure we would be able to enjoy the Seven Sacred Pools in peace. There is something to be said for solitude & cherished spaces; the silence seems to reinforce the sanctified and renders it that much more intense.
Sitting on the rocks between roaring waves to the front of us, and cascading waterfalls behind us, the energy of nature overwhelmed with both comfort and excitement.
The cloudy horizon didn’t offer much of a sunrise, so we headed into the jungle bound for the bamboo forest.


We made the trek past the giant banyan tree, through the deep, thick and slimy rainforest mud, across crystal clear streams until the bamboo became so thick it took over the rest of the plants in the forest. It was a wild and beautiful wet jungle hike, the best part being we didn’t cross paths with a single soul until we were on our way back down.

girl-in-bamboo-forest bamboo-forest-mauimaui-jungle maui-waterfall