The Breath of The Ocean

Maui’s terrain is so diverse it could be its own mini planet. To the East there is lush jungle, waterfalls & red sand beaches, and to the North, the perfect winds blow steady as if they beg for you to come and play, wind surfing and kite boarding to your hearts desire. Climb in elevation past the cowboy town, and countryside laden with animals, cheese makers and horses, and the Volcano Haleakela lies dormant and majestic amongst the clouds. There is something here for everyone.

To the West, if you venture beyond the resorts and past the immediate beaches you stumble upon a small paradise. A calm, mellow beach, with beautiful, caramel colored sand, pulsating waves and a reef to snorkel around and make friends with the turtles. Here you can feel the breath of the ocean as the varied waves crash onshore. Go for a swim and immediately feel rejuvenated as you contemplate the neighboring island, so close, yet so far.  There is something magical about this place but unidentifiable. Just enjoy the meditative feeling that comes over you as time stands still.

maui-wave2 maui-wave3 maui-wave