Serious writer’s block calls for some stream of consciousness… It has easily been a year since I last posted. So much has happened during this time but I cannot even use a new baby, or a new home as an excuse. It has been quite simply, a mental block. Not in the sense that I have nothing to say but more in that I seem incompetent in finding the words to share these beautiful past experiences, and the inspiration and richness they brought to my life. So, for now Chichicastenango!


Guatemala’s largest, traditional outdoor market bustling to the brim with handicrafts and handmade masterpieces. The aisles are jam-packed with intricate, colorful textiles as far as the eye can see. The most delicious tortillas (blue corn) I have ever tasted, hand molded and cooked to perfection in the many food stalls around the mercado. Fried chicken! Elderly, sage women with beautiful, deep lines of knowledge embedded in their faces waving smoke through the air and toward the ground in reverence of something other-worldly. Flowers of every color of the rainbow, huipiles from every region, blankets, throws, scarves, bags, dry goods, herbs, leather pieces, you name it, its there. I recommend finding your own transportation there as the limited time allotted by the tour bus was not nearly enough.