Cali, Colombia

Cali, Colombia

Cali doesn’t have much to offer in terms of tourism, but it is the Salsa capital of the world, and that’s why we were there! The dancing, along with the hospitality of the locals who ran the hostel “El Viajero” was incredible. Our days here consisted of an insane amount of dancing, and very little of anything else, including sleep. We enjoyed “Cali style” salsa classes during the day, and  nights out on the town, twirling our hearts away until sunrise. I’ve never danced so much in my life, and despite my throbbing feet, I just couldn’t tear myself away from the dance floor being surrounded by all the amazing salseros’ in this city.

We did venture out around town one afternoon to check out the local neighborhood, and downtown area. Living in this city would definitely turn me nocturnal, the nightlife is what’s happening here.