African Huts, Caribbean Sea

The Great Huts in Boston Bay are like an oasis in the scalding desert of mediocre lodging options that exist in Jamaica. For the most part, there are only huge, all-inclusive properties with no personality, smaller, beautiful and pricey boutique options, or cheap and grimy hotels. There are no hostels on the island for budget travelers, and consistently paying $30-$40 for a horrible room gets frustrating. I had no expectations whatsoever for the Great Huts. The website looked nice, the prices reasonable, (which frightened me) and I just couldn’t really understand if I would be camping or if I would be in an actual room.

When we finally arrived, we were overjoyed at what we found. The property is beautiful, consisting of a variety of individually styled traditional African huts nestled right on the cliffs of the bay. The sound of the sea lulls you to sleep under your mosquito netting, and you are at one with the jungle that surrounds you, showering and living mostly outdoors. The food on premises is natural and delicious, and even the cutlery is of the earth, made from coconuts. The Great Huts is literally paradise-found in paradise, and you will never want to leave.


african hut


great huts