“Wherever you are, it is your friends who make your world.”

fine art water shot brazil

Travel is wonderful in so many ways but becomes void of meaning without human connection. Staying in hostels makes it easy to meet other travelers but not always as easy to meet the locals. In fact, I feel as your “gringo” group grows in number it actually inhibits your opportunities for interacting with the local population. This trip we have met some amazing fellow adventurers from all over the world, but the relationships created with the people who live here have been exceptionally special. Brasileiros generally are extremely friendly people, and many have been very kind, generous and willing to share their way of life with us.

Our rainy stay in Floripa was definitely ameliorated by the people we met there. They showed us their favorite spots, shared local culture, customs and food with us. Our last day here on the island was jam-packed with good times. We visited a beautiful beach the to South called Matadeiro, surfed, hiked, played Capoeira and soaked up a little too much sun. Muito obrigada por todos os bons momentos e memórias!



matadeiro beach brazil

floripainopolis brasil surf

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surf in brazil florpiainopolis


surfing in floripainopolis