Guadalupe Mountains


After three days of driving through Texas we finally arrived at the Guadalupe Mountain range on the border of New Mexico. Up until this point we had been sleeping only in the back of the truck, not wanting to waste time setting up camp just to dismantle it the very next morning. Here we decided to take a break from being on the run, take our time, and set up our tent in a lovely field looking up at the desert mountains. when planning our cross-country trip we imagined hiking every night at our newfound destinations before dinner, exploring the next morning and then hitting the road. Unfortunately, we realized all too soon that this was not realistic time management and that it would take us at least a month to get back to California at this rate of travel. We had to prioritize and race to the destinations that most intrigued us, no dilly dallying allowed, so that we actually had some time to visit these amazing places. The Guadalupe Mountains were one of these locations of intrigue, so we made time for a long hike, a leisurely lunch, and then hit the road in the afternoon NM bound. The hike was beautiful, with a varied landscape; it curved through the mountains,up some steep terrain and eventually led to tall rock walls with little to no vegetation. The mountains appeared so majestic and mysterious in the foggy morning mist; the hike was definitely worth our incredibly coveted time.

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