Road Trip!


For as long as I can remember, I have fantasized about driving across the Continental US. My envisioned mode of transport changed from a Greyhound, to a vintage Mustang convertible, to an old Ford jeep, to a pickup truck. Transportation aside, I always knew it had to be done during the warmer summer months. Alas, the opportunity never came around, the timing was always off, friend’s schedules didn’t coincide, money was too tight…  It just goes to show you that nothing should be forced, that eventually if it’s meant to happen it will. When the timing is right and the stars align you too will have your turn.
My road trip finally happened this past year! I met my most favorite partner in crime and not only is he up for anything and everything having to with adventure and the outdoors, he also has a truck he wanted to bring from the East coast to the San Francisco Bay. We began the adventure in Marion MA, stopped off in upstate New York before heading South to the Gulf Shore. From there we took mostly the Southern route toward San Diego, to finally head up the California coast. We camped in the back of the pick-up mostly, with a couple of motels and tent camping excursions scattered in there.

Overall it was an amazing trip but I must admit I thought that 2 weeks would have given us a little more play time. Instead, we found it difficult to fit in spontaneous exploration time  and spent most of our days driviiinnngggg trying to get to the campsite before sun down . Yes, this also meant that the intense photographic journey I had envisioned fell short as we drove by amazing photo opportunities at 80 miles an hour. I quickly realized shooting out of the car window was not my cup of tea. You think you know how big this country is but driving across it is a reality check.
All former  illusions aside, it was a wonderful trip and I succeeded in shooting way more than I thought I had, as it has taken me months to find time to edit my images. I can’t wait to do it again one day; perhaps the Northern route, and in 2 months instead of 2 weeks!